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About VISE

VISE is a non-profit association operating in the field of the environment and sustainability. The association aims to develop and supports activities in the field of environmental protection, to create awareness of the state of the environment among the public and industry with the focus on SMEs. It provides information on the possibilities of reducing pollution, the origin and labeling of products, carbon footprint and, opportunities for sustainable development.

The association has its legal domicile in Prague, Czech Republic and is active in all VISEGRAD states. For more Information, click here.

Our goals

- Introducing a simple and widely accepted environment label

- Providing objective, transparent and comprehensible classification

- Illustrating risk potential

- Monitoring by independent institutions

- Reducing CO2 emissions

- Afforestation of the environment and contributiong to carbon neutrality

- Using technology sustainably for the environment

Our labels


Environment Label


Technological Research for the Environment


MSP Klima

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